A new savings plan that turns renters into homeowners.

Digs is like a 401k for your first home.

We match $1 for every $5 you save for your future home purchase. Plus, earn renter rewards, pay less for a down payment, and work with agents and lenders you can trust.

FDIC insured        Joint accounts        No mins

  Earn an initial deposit of $1,000 by referring friends after you sign up

You've been day dreaming about buying your first home long enough

Let's face it, it's hard to save for a down payment. With so much of your paycheck going towards rent, it might even seem impossible. We started Digs to change this. So enough day dreaming, let's get you on the path to homeownership! 

A few FAQs...
Is Digs a bank?

In technical terms, Digs is not a bank. We have teamed up with an FDIC-insured bank to hold all of your deposits. Your Digs account is not intended to take the place of your bank, but rather a supplementary savings tool to use alongside of your primary banking. We integrate with thousands of financial institutions, so chances are your bank will have no problem connecting to your Digs account.

How is Digs able to offer such a good deal? What’s the catch?

Our $1 / $5 contribution matching model applies to the first $50 per month you deposit in your Digs account. After that, we have a tiered contribution structure, which will be clearly detailed when we launch.

We are happy to contribute towards your goal of homeownership, however, we don’t want you cashing out to spend the money on unrelated purchases. Consider us like a 401k for your home. The contributions we make are intended for a home purchase, and therefore can be unlocked at that time. Don’t worry though, all the funds that you deposit yourself are withdrawable at any time.

Can I use Digs if I'm already a homeowner?

Yes, you can! You are more than welcome to use Digs to save for a new home! That being said, our product was designed for first-time home buyers, so the educational components and savings goals may not be as helpful for current homeowners, but you can still take advantage of our matching program and some of the rewards we offer.

Is my money safe? Is my data secure?

Yes. Your money is totally safe. Digs does not hold funds directly, but rather through our FDIC insured banking partner. Your funds are insured up to $250,000, so no matter what happens to us, every penny that you deposit is protected. Furthermore, our website uses bank level encryption and multi-factor account verification.

When will I be able to start using Digs?

We will be launching in early 2019. Join the waitlist if you want to be the first to know when we go live. We are also offering some pretty sweet bonuses before then. Another reason to join the waitlist!

Have more questions? Contact us here.